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Homeland: The Game is a semi-cooperative game of intrigue, deception and hidden agendas based on the hit series on Showtime.  Players assume the roles of CIA analysts, directing agency resources to combat the rising tide of global terrorism. Be warned, not everyone is what they seem.  Stay alert, be vigilant, and trust no one.


Stay Alert!  New threats are constant.  Every card played matters.  Any action could be the difference between stability and catastrophe.


Be Vigilant!  Use every tool at your disposal to stop impending threats.  Deploy Special Forces, insert Field Agents and recruit key Assets to neutralize the imminent dangers and keep the nation safe.


Trust No One.  Not everyone is what they seem.  All players are working towards their own agendas.  Watch your rivals’ actions carefully to try to decipher who is working against you.  Any player might be a Terrorist Mole!


Will your actions tip the balance towards national security or global chaos?


·         Game board

·         Threat analysis board

·         7 Agents cards

·         294 Cards

·         18 Plastic soldiers

·         18 Plastic agents

·         145 Tokens

·         Rulebook