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Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz z grą Les Guerres de Bourgogne (Wars of Burgundy)


Les Guerres de Bourgogne (Wars of Burgundy) is a historical simulation from October 1474 to January 1477. One player plays the role of the Burgundian armies and their allies (Duchy of Savoy and Italian states), led by the famous Duke Charles the Bold, and the other player is in command of the Swiss Confederacy and its allies (Duchy of Lorraine and German states). The objectives are to take control of the Savoy and Lorraine territories, win pitched battles or major sieges, and neutralise the opponent's allies.


This is both a strategic & tactical game with armies and garrisons evolving on the main strategic map and units fighting on a tactical map featuring a typical XVth century battleground. Units are men-at-arms, pikes, bowmen, crossbowmen, halberdiers, hangunners, and early cannons, from 2,000 men at full strength, 1,000 horsemen or 200 cannons of all calibers. The "chrome" of that period is added with tactical chits (charge, harassment shots, raining arrows, ditch, fence, clash of pikes, cannon battery) and events such as rain, snow, minor ally, no fight or betrayal, no wing deployment. Optional rule includes a possible intervention of the French kingdom to support one side or the other. You will be able to fight the famous battles of Hericourt (1474), Grandson & Morat (1476), and Nancy (1477), the latter involving a fatal outcome for Charles the Bold.


The complete sequence of a turn:

I/ Burgundy

1) Reinforcement, replacement

2) strategic move

3) attrition phase

4) combat phase (battles & sieges)

II/ Swiss Confederacy

Same sequence

III/ Diplomatic phase

check for victory


The game includes 108 die-cut counters, an A3 size strategic and an A5 size tactical map. One 6 sided die is necessary.


Instrukcja w języku angielskim będzie dostępna do pobrania tutaj:


Ref : VAJ115


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