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Wydawca: Vae Victis


Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz  z grą.


Ref : VAE050


Paris vaut bien une messe ! (Paris is worth a mass) covers two battles of the French Wars of Religion, Dreux (1562) and Ivry (1590).


The game uses a slightly streamlined version of the rules used in Ben Hull's other game, This Accursed Civil War (which covered the English Civil War). These battles are somewhat smaller than in the GMT game, as befitting the smaller format offered by Vae Victis.


Armies are divided into 3-5 "wings," each of which is given orders every turn (either "Charge," "March," or "Rally") and it is the giving and carrying-out of orders which drives the game. Wings are activated one at a time, alternating between players.


This issue also includes errata counters for Issue 49.


As with all Vae Victis games, the counters need to be cut out and mounted. The rules are entirely in French, although translations are available online.


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