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Savages may indeed be a formidable enemy but upon the king's regular and disciplined troops, 
Sir, it is impossible they should make an impression." – English Commander

Bloody Mohawk is a simulation of the French and Indian War, the North American theater of The Seven Years’ War fought between the English and French. One of the key aspects of this conflict was control of the two rivers that served as critical trade routes for both nations, the Allegheny and Monongahela.

Designed by Bill Molyneaux, Bloody Mohawk provides gamers with a fast-playing, introductory-level wargame covering twelve engagements of this war, including alternate variants for you to explore. Using easy to understand rules, each scenario is designed to be played in about an hour. Special scenario rules expand the experience further, bringing unique flavor and mechanics specific to each engagement while staying historically correct.

Battles included in this game are Sainte-Foy, Plain of Abraham, Jumonville Glen, Braddock’s Defeat, Sideling Hill, Fort Necessity, Lake George, Carillon, the Siege of Fort William Henry, Mary Jemison Raid, Bushy Run, and the famous Rodger’s Rock.

Requirements: One d10 die is required to play this game.  No other products are required to play this game.