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These four games explore the major battles of 1809, where Napoleon and his Army of Germany met their first setback in the shadow of Vienna, against a modernized Austrian Army under Archduke Charles . Each game shows the approach to the battlefield on the day before battle. The Wagram and Aspern-Essling games share one and the same battlefield on one map. Set at the scale of Napoleon's Last Battles-525 yards per hex and one hour turns-the game retains the Command System of Commanders and Corps Officers.


Abensberg Crisis on the Danube, 19-20 April

Eckmühl Archduke Charles Escapes, 21-22 April

Aspern-Essling A Rebuff for Napoleon, 21-22 May

Wagram Battle on the Marchfeld, 5-6 July


BONUS: The Battle of Teugen-Hausen, 19 April

Campaign Game options to link the four battles.


Napoleon's Last Battles System, following Four Lost Battles: 1,624 feet (495 meters) per hex, 1 hour per turn, 400-800 men per strength point. Each Approach to Battle game lasts about 40 turns.



·         Three 22 x 34" full-color maps

·         Two Rulebooks (28 pages and 20 pages)

·         One 2"x9"x12" game box

·         Two counter sheets = 560 units

·         4 player aid sheets

·         20 player aid cards

·         Two decks of 50 playing cards = 100 cards