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Gettysburg was the battle that nobody wanted. It started when a Confederate division under Henry Heth advanced on the Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg and unexpectedly encountered a Union cavalry force under John Buford. Both sides called for reinforcements, and as more and more units from both armies arrived, the battle grew in intensity until it could no longer be stopped. The result was one of the most famous battles of history, an epic struggle that tested both armies to their limits, and which ended as a defeat for the Confederady that could never be undone or reversed.

The Guns of Gettysburg recreates this historic battle. Like its acclaime predessors, Bonaparte at Marengo and Napoleon's Triumph, the game represents the opposing armies with wooden blocks to recreate the look of nineteenth-century battle maps. The Gettysburg rules, however, are entirely new, reflecting the difference between Napoleonic and Civil War warfare as well as the unique characteristics of the Battle of Gettysburg. The result is a fresh, exciting game that offers a unique gaming experience: no matter how many wargames you've played, you've never played one like this!



·         1 gameboard (22 x 34")

·         102 wooden blocks

·         2 sticker sheets

·         6 "objective" disks

·         146 cardboard tiles

·         2 wooden tile racks

·         2 Rule booklets 


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