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A Blood-Red Banner, from designer Richard Trevino, is a solitaire BattLessonTM siege game where you, as the Texian heroes, must survive the attacks from the relentless Mexican army and save the walls of the Alamo. This historically-based game is easy and fast-paced, providing the air of challenge that occurred between both armies all those years ago.


It is March 1836, when the Texians are fighting for their new republic. As the besieged Texian defenders, you must fight off the five converging Mexican attack columns that are making their way towards the Alamo. Direct brave counterattacks, pushing back the troops of the Mexican dictator, General Santa Anna, before they storm the walls and cut into the heart of the Alamo.


Do you have what it takes to withstand the siege? Defend the Alamo and wave your flag of victory in A Blood-Red Banner!


Scale: Each unit represents a Texian hero or a Mexican army unit



·         One 2-page full color Rules booklet

·         One 8.5” x 11” map

·         12 single-sided 3/4" square game pieces

·         24 Event cards

·         One BattLessonTM sheet