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Sergeants Miniatures Game (SMG) is a struggle to describe. You might call it a "card-driven miniatures game." You might call it a "3-D boardgame." What you’re sure to call it is, challenging, quick, and fun to play.


"Sergeants Miniatures Game" is a totally new system, with the game’s engine run by impulse cards managing four broad, basic functions—and randomizing the order—while each player manages a hand of cards constructed by the talents and foibles of the troops under his or her command.


Unlike many "miniatures" games where you buy the rules and then have to start shopping and painting, SMG is a complete game out of the box. You’ll find 20mm, pre-painted miniatures, plenty of thick, two-sided, colorful mapboard tiles which can assembled in various ways, easy rules, scenarios, player aids... everything else you need to get started on your missions and having fun fast.



2011: Nominated for Dice Tower's "Best Wargame of 2011."



·         10 pre-painted pewter figures*

o   5 US:

§  Characters: 1 Sergeant(M1), 1 Private(M1), 1 Private/Sergeant/1st Sergeant(Thompson)

§  Unique: 2 Privates(M1)

o   5 German:

§  Characters: 1 Unteroffizier(MP40), 1 Gefreiter(Mauser 98), 1 Soldat/Obergefreiter/Oberfeldwebel(MP40)

§  Unique: 2 Soldats(Mauser 98)

·         160 Cards:

o   14 Soldier cards

o   82 Action cards

o   13 Order cards

o   51 Story cards

·         18 double-sided interlocking Map tiles, with border pieces

o   16 5"x5" terrain tiles (#1-16)

o   2 10"x10" Landmark tiles (L1, L2)

o   8 10" borders, 4 5" borders

·         2 clear plastic range ruler/grenade templates

·         24 page color rulebook

·         4 page color Quick Start Guide/Quick Reference*

·         5 playmats*

o   2 Soldier mats

o   2 Action Card mats

o   1 Story Card mat

·         6 page color Scenario booklet