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Magazyn S&T plus gra Fail Safe – hipotetyczna wojna nuklearna w latach 50-tych XX wieku.


Strategy & Tactics magazine is the longest running military history magazine (since 1967). Readers get much more than narrative stories of history, they get an analytical approach focusing on the “how” and “why” of battles and campaigns. All feature articles are lavishly illustrated with maps and pictures showing the action, along with sidebars on personalities, equipment and organization, and unique and unusual events.


Fail Safe is a wargame of a hypothetical strategic nuclear air war sometime in the late 1950s, before the age of the ballistic missile. There are two players, the East Bloc and the Free World. Each player has units representing formations of aircraft, weapons systems, and air defense forces. Players move their units, conduct air-to-air battles, and bomb ground targets. The objective of the game is to drop sufficient nuclear weapons upon the other side in order to prevent them from dominating the world.


The game map encompasses much of the northern hemisphere, centered on the North Pole. Each game turn represents an hour or more of flight time, and each unit represents a wing of specific aircraft, by type.


Components: One 22" x 34" map & 228 counters


Fail Safe: a history of the USAF’s Strategic Air Command, from its founding shortly after WW2 through the early 1960s, when ICBMs began to replace the manned bombers. What atomic war would’ve been like in those times.


Other Articles:

·         Saladin: a military analysis of the Kurdish Muslim warlord who reunited Islam in the 12th century and went on to decisively defeat the Crusaders in the Holy Land.

·         Bushy Run: a detailed tactical analysis of the decisive 1763 frontier battle between Chief Pontiac’s Indian coalition on the one side and the British and their American colonials on the other. It once and for all broke the Indians’ power in the strategically important colony of Pennsylvania.

·         M8s vs. Tigers at St. Vith: a detailed analysis of the tank vs. anti-tank struggle fought around this key road junction town during December 1944’s Battle of the Bulge.