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Pierwsza część magazynu z dodatkami wszelkiego rodzaju do systemu gier World at War.


World at War Compendium is over 100 pages jam-packed with World at War scenarios, analysis and articles, new maps and 88 die-cut counters.

The Compendium includes every World at War scenario and most World at War articles published in the first seven issues of Line of Fire. Additionally the Compendium includes over 30 pages of new material including two new scenarios, a guide to Soviet player tactics, and the long-awaited World at War timeline. Additionally, there are five 8.5” x 11” 14pt card stocks maps, which include all the World at War maps published in Line of Fire and two new maps. There are also 88 counters, which include counters from Line of Fire issues 1-7 and new Syrian and Israeli counters.

The Compendium is a magazine, with maps, scenarios, and die-cut counters for the World at War game system. It is not a separate game.



·         Five 8.5" x 11" Card Stock Maps

·         88 Counters

·         100-Page Magazine

·         All in a Zip-lock Bag