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Wydawca: Vae Victis

Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz z grą Verdun 1916.


Ref : VAE046


This game covers the battle of Verdun at the scale of one day per turn, 850 m per hex, and counters of regiments and battallions of infantry (plus counters representing command units, aircraft squadrons, and artillery groups). The game uses a slightly modified and updated version of the system used in Vae Victis issue 24, "Le Matz." It is a relatively simple game, with just over four pages of rules.


This issue also includes corrected counters for the game in issue 45.


As with all Vae Victis games, the counters need to be cut out and mounted. The rules are entirely in French, although translations are available online.


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