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Wydawca: Vae Victis (new)

Tempête sur Dixmude (Storm over Diksmuide) is the game included in the #133 issue of Vae Victis magazine. The game simulates the battle between the Belgian and French defenders of the city of
Diksmuide and the German troops during the Battle of the Yser, in Flanders (20 October - 11  November 1914).
One player is in charge of the Franco-Belgian forces commanded by Admiral Alexis Ronarc’h (the FrancoBelgian), the other the German XXII Reserve-Korps commanded by Calvary general Eugen von Falkenhayn (the German).
Each counter represents an infantry battalion, a detachment or an artillery regiment. The map represents the region around Diksmuide and is divided in several area zones. the battleis played in 7 turns, each representing 3 days of real time.

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