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Japan, the year 1605. Hidetada Tokugawa succeeds his father as Shogun. He rules the country from Yedo, the city known today as Tokyo. As a Clan leader, your goal is to gain favor with the new shogun and achieve more fame than your rivals.

There are several ways to reach your goal. Will you try to complete as many glorious missions as possible, influence the Shogun during private audiences, or buy lots of luxury goods from the European merchants? It is all up to you! But beware of fateful events, ambushes, and watch patrols that challenge your wit and serenity...

So gather your disciples and enter the gates of Yedo!

As leader of your Clan you try to earn as many Prestige Points as possible. You mainly gain Prestige Points by completing Mission Cards, by activating Disciples at certain locations on the game board, and by having fulfilled the tasks of Bonus Cards at the end of the game.

Each player counts his Prestige Points by moving his own Marker along the Score Track on the game board.



·         1 large boardgame

·         5 Clan boards

·         59 large mission cards

·         109 playing cards

·          22 wooden playing pieces

·         16 wooden Markers

·         40 Weapon tiles

·         16 Annex tiles

·         84 coins

·         10 placeholder counters

·         7 Geisha counters

·         5 Blessing counters

·         1 “District inaccessible” counter

·         1 Watch Patrol coin

·         One rule book