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All is lost save Honour is a game about the campaigns fought during the Italian Wars (1494-1530), mainly between the Hapsburgs (the Empire) and the Valois (the French kingdom). This first volume is dedicated to the campaigns between Agnadello (1509) and Pavia (1525).

The five campaigns included:

- Agnadello 1509, Venice defends its Republic against her foes.

- Novara 1513, the Swiss against the French army. The last triumph of the Swiss.

- Marignano 1515, Franois I grabs the Duchy of Milan from the Swiss

- Bicocca 1522, the French lose the Duchy of Milan

- Pavia 1525, Franois I loses the largest battle and Milan to the Empire


This is the time of charges of cavalrymen with the finest gliding armours; of the first use of effective firearms and artillery; sieges, mercenary troops, treachery, pillaging and all that chrome that may enlighten a wargame.


* new game system, operational-level, devoted to warfare in the XVIth century campaigns

* highly interactive sequence of play, focused on manoeuvre and careful planning

* various forms of combat: Major battles,Skirmishes, Sieges

* set of Exclusive Rules and specific rules and events for each campaign

* a 22" x 34" fine-art map , reproducing a part of XVIth northern Italy, based on an accurate study of ancient maps and sources

* gorgeous iconic counters representing all the main Capitani who fought there and the different combat units

* detailed (as it is possible) order of battle, with combat units differentiated by strength, maximum movement, quality and reliability

* very low counter density and limited play time


Zawartość pudełka:

·         One 22"x34" map of northern Italy

·         360 1/2" die-cut counters

·         Standard rules

·         Optional rules and Instructions for 5 campaigns

·         Charts, tables

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2013-01-10 12:53:46 - Dariusz

Bardzo ciekawa lecz niedoceniana przez graczy niszowa włoska gra. Znakomity system dowodzenia oddający epokę. Świetne bitwy z taktycznymi zagrywkami. Trochę mało ciekawe scenariusze, mało przyjazny interfejs gry, słaba jakość planszy i kart. Mimo to 4+!

Ocena 4.00

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