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Cruel Necessity, from designer John Welch, is a solitaire game simulating the military, political, and religious struggles of the English Civil Wars (1640-53). You attempt to stop the advance of four armies bent on destroying Parliament and Puritanism, whom you represent; simply holding on to London is not enough!


There are civil wars going on not just in England, but in Scotland and Ireland too; and each will have varying impact on the play of the game at different times. You can also play Cruel Necessity cooperatively with a team of players working together and deciding how best to preserve and propagate the principles of the Enlightenment and Reformation.


The title comes from the purported response to the beheading of King Charles by his implacable foe, Oliver Cromwell, who remarked that this act of regicide was a “Cruel Necessity.” 



·         One full color 22-page Rulebook (Designer's Notes included)

·         One 22” x 17” paper game map (in sections)

·         One 11” x 17” Battle Display Mat

·         75 cards

·         98 thick, two-sided, multi-shaped game pieces

·         One 2-sided player aid

·         One blue (Parliamentary) 6-sided die

·         One red (Royalist) 6-sided die

·         One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box

·         One beautiful box cover sleeve

·         One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin

·         One charcoal desiccant packet

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2015-07-18 12:35:42 - Filip

Cały gameplay to tak naprawdę wybór pomiędzy kilkoma miejscami na mapie, w któych możesz rzucić K6 (przeważnie mając szansę pół na pół). Następnie ciągniesz kartę i sprawdzasz w których miejscach system zanegował Twoje rzuty. Odradzam.

Ocena 2.60

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