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The game system is a double-blind system using an umpire. Players can communicate only through written messages. It uses maps of the period and a simple system to manage units. Combats are solved using a face to face system, simple but precise, with the morale as the main endpoint. Combats can also be fought using any existing operational or tactical system including miniatures.


The present volume 2 does not need volume 1 to be played. It includes a 72 page-booklet including all the rules of volume 1, and more complex parameters like supplies, the management of losses, as well as prisoners and artillery reserves, are introduced. Two additional and more complex combat systems have been added. All the material needed to play the campaigns of 1805 (Germany), 1812 (Russia) and 1813 (Saxony) are included, (33 unit sheets totaling 641 divisions and Leaders, and 10 maps).