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Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz z grą RAID SUR BRUNEVAL 1942.


Raid sur Bruneval 1942 - Raid on Bruneval 1942- (Operation Biting) is a solitary tactical game. It simulates the Raid of British paratroopers under Major Frost's command to capture a german radar near Bruneval (northwestern France) during the night of february 27th 1942. During this operation, the british dropped by parachute must capture the radar, one or two german operators, destroy the manor and finally embark all in the waiting Landing Craft Assaults.

The game is edited under ziplock and contains a A3-size map depicting Bruneval surroundings at night (scale at 1/25000), 108 counters (the 3 formation of British paratroopers Drake, Nelson and Rodney ; german coastal defense, luftwaffe guards, MGs, pill-boxes and part of 685th infantry regiment reinforcements ; activation and other markers). One typical counter unit represents around 10 men. The rules are included in a separate 15 pages A5-sized booklet.

The duration of the game is 13 turns from 0:15 et 03:15 am. The player plays the British side first each turn and then the activated german units fight, move and get reinforcements in this respective order. Except for the coastal defenses, the german units are not represented on the map at the beginning. Instead, several randomly selected activation markers are deployed in specific areas of the map. The combination of proximity to British units and alert level may trigger an activation marker that may hide from 0 to 4 german units. These activated units may then fight and move. German move is dictated by closest (in PM) and largest enemy stack or German stack. Combat is resolved by comparing the strength of both adjacent stacks modified by the presence of an officer, the terrain modifier and 1D6. Largest score inflicts one step loss to the other.
The British must score at least 10 victory points to get a marginal victory. More than 20 is a decisive victory. The historical score is 24 VP.

Ref : VAJ104

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