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DR - Halfaya Pass (DR-HP) - Halfaya Pass is another GSI offering using the Death Ride game system. The game focuses on tactical level combat and maneuver during Operation Battleaxe prior to the Crusader battle that lifted the seige of Tobruk. This is a standalone game and does not need any other GSI title to be played.  It is slightly larger than Hafid Ridge in terms of the number of units and can be played in a relatively short time.


This game will give those with the Death Ride Kursk games a glimpse into some changes for the next large series, Death Ride Salerno.  This game will have double sided counters.  A real advancement for us.


The rules are modeled around the seven battlefield operating systems which make them easily understood and easy to learn.


This battle will provide a challenge to both players.  The British will find that they need to be very aggressive to push through the anti-tank defense.  The Germans have to simply hang on.  Either way it's a cliff hanger.  The British Matilda's are the queen of the battlefield, until they meet the 88's.


Game play is excellent for solitaire play and moves along very quickly.  The game is specifically designed to play in a day.


The Commonwealth forces were made up of 3 infantry battalions and a squadron and a half of Matilda tanks, heavy but undergunned and underpowered.


This game is not intended to fit into any other Death Ride game to make a larger battle.  At least not yet.


Key Features:

·         (2) 11" x 17" game maps of the Hafid Ridge area

·         (1) Full Color Order of Battle Chart

·         Numerous charts and tables

·         Rules Written as Battlefield Operating System (BOS) Representations (level of fidelity)

o   Maneuver (High)

o   Fire Support (Medium-High)

o   Air Defense (Medium)

o   Mobility and Survivability (High)                                                                                       

o   Combat Service Support (Medium-High)

o   Intelligence (Medium)

o   Command and Control (Medium-High)

·         Approximately 400 Die Cut Unit Counters and Markers

·         Germans modeled at platoon and battery level and the British at troop (armor platoon) and company/battery level

·         1 Extremely Exciting Scenario that plays pretty quick

·         Highly detailed without overbearing rules

·         Excellent Solitaire Play