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Wydawca: Zvezda

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In 1941, the German Wehrmacht invaded the Soviet Union. The result was the largest conflict ever between two nations, with millions of men fighting on both sides. The storm of war is spreading over Europe. World War II: Barbarossa 1941 puts you in command of the brave soldiers fighting in this mighty conflict. The unique, simultaneous play mechanic keeps the action intense, while the variable game board and terrain tiles allow players to create a new battlefield every time they play. Exciting scenarios are also included, complete with historical information and challenging tactical missions.


Zvezda's new board game "Great Patriotic War 1941" includes figures and vehicles which were delivered with a new "Wargame" magazine called "Great Sieges:Military history of Russia."


The figures are in 1/72 scale, and the vehicles are primarily 1/100 (15mm), so slightly smaller than would be expected when put alongside the soldiers. The production line includes not only figures and tanks, but also AT-guns, AA-guns, howitzers, trucks and planes!



·         54 infantry miniatures

·         5 armor and trucks miniatures

·         1 airplane miniature

·         4 artillery miniatures

·         a set of obstacles and constructions

·         6 double sided playing board parts

·         30 terrain hexes

·         6 terrain height hexes

·         29 game cards

·         rules of the game

·         scenarios booklet

·         2 crib sheets

·         2 pen