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Wydawca: Valley Games

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This expansion to D-Day Dice transforms the game into a competitive one by allowing a player to take the role of the defenders. It is now up to the German player to make life difficult for the Allies by adding dangerous features to already existing Battle Maps, or by recruiting German specialists and finding German items, all designed to hinder the invasion. The German player also has access to a deck of special cards, called “Decorations”, which are kept secret from his Allied enemies.


Atlantikwall comes with everything you need to add 5th player to your game (6 dice, 14 German specialists, 16 German items and a resource card), plus a deck of German Decorations and a Battle Map. A few Allied cards are also included like the Sniper or TNT.


This is not a complete game. A copy of D-Day Dice is necessary to play.


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