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Special Ops – magazyn o planszowych grach wojennych wraz z grą What Price Glory?.




·         The game What Price Glory? - France 1914-1918 from the International Game Series. It's most succinctly described as a card drive area/impulse game. It includes a 34" by 22" map, 176 counters and 48 cards.


·         Also included are 2 ASL scenarios and 2 ASLSK scenarios.


·         Adam Starkweather contributes an article on Strategies in What Price Glory?


·         Malcolm Cameron offers his beginner’s perspective on the OCS system.


·         Trevor Bender provides a unique article on using MMP Operation Market-Garden games for operations research. That is, replaying the campaign over and over to gather statistical data on the campaign.


·         Chas Argent adds a discussion and some of the thinking behind Rising Sun, the ASL module that combines the old Pacific theater modules Code of Bushido and Gung Ho.


·         Carl Fung gives us four news scenarios for the new SCS title It Never Snows.


·         Dick Vohlers provides a little history on Congressional Medal of Honor winner Joe Mann, a piece that had originally scheduled to be included in the historical notes section of the game Where Eagles Dare.

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