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On March 31st, 1621, king Philip III of Spain, known as “The Pious”, passed away. During his reign of 23 years, he rarely acted as a true ruler and he delegated all his responsibilities and power onto Duke of Lerma, D. Francisco Gómez de Sandoval-Rojas y Borja.


“The King’s mind was besieged, silenced; by deception, his sight became blurred, his hearing impaired. He lived for others, he died for God”. (page 216-b, “Grandes Anales de Quince Días”).


Little by little, the Duke of Lerma managed to place relatives and trusted people around his figure, taking and controlling the entire government of Spain. Only when he was cornered by his enemies, as a consequence of frequent complaints accusations of corruption and embezzlement, he asked to be appointed as a Cardinal to save his neck, although that would suppose to leave the court.


The new king, Philip IV, succeeded to the throne, opening the doors to the Court to one of his gentlemen, Don Gaspar de Guzmán y Pimentel, Count of Olivares. Don Gaspar and his family hungered for the power that Lerma had previously attained, but the Sandoval-Rojas family, under the lead of the Duke’s son, would soon try to to retain their prevailing position at any cost.


15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age is set in this context of backstabbing, treachery and palace intrigues. Who will become the new "Valido"? Would you betray your own next-of-king to obtain the grace of the King? All of this, and much more awaits you in 15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age, a card game full of history and intrigue, no regrets, betrayal, and above all ambition.


15 Días: The Spanish Golden Age has been awarded with the following:


III Contest “Imprimir y Jugar” (Jugando en Pareja), Winner.



·         77 Court cards, split into 65 Characters and 12 Special Situations.

·         8 Prince cards.

·         3 Power cards.

·         1 Administrative Ability Control card.

·         20 Conspirator cards.

·         8 Family tokens.

·         36 Ducats