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Wysyłka w ciągu: 60 dni
Wydawca: Clash of Arms

Legion of Honor - is an innovative card game that recreates the personal drama of the Napoleonic Wars.

Using a quick playing, card-driven game system, each player assumes the role of a French soldier - or grognard- starting out as a young sergeant or sous-lieutenant trying to make it in life starting in 1792. Fortunately for the enterprising grognard, he can look forward to over twenty years of continuous war provided courtesy of the Directory and Napoleon!

Against the historical backdrop of major historical events that span the period from the Brunswick Manifesto to The Hundred Days, grognards take advantage of the opportunities that Fate provides to advance their station in life. Or not!

Winning the game is achieved in a number of ways: having the highest award in the Legion of Honor, having the highest military rank or having the most glory or wealth.

The game is entirely suitable solitaire play through six players.



·         200 color playing cards;

·         140 cardboard counters;

·         Exclusive rulebook with Rules Summary Sheet;

·         6 Grognard/Ledger sheets;

·         1 Campaign Sheet;

·         1 Opportunity Sheet;

·         1 History Sheet

·         1 Fate Sheet & Fair Sex Sheet.


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