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ok. 30-45 min.






Paris, June 1832. The eve of rebellion.


Share in the struggles and triumphs of characters from the time-honored novel as they battle toward their destinies.


Will you help Jean Valjean elude the pursuit of the relentless Inspector Javert? Will you guide Marius to stand with his friends on the barricades of a hopeless battle… or away from the bloodshed and into the arms of his heart’s desire, Cosette? Or perhaps you’ll side with the more avaricious endeavors of the dastardly Thénardiers?


Les Misérables is a small card game with a big story to tell. Each turn, players will choose a character to act with, manipulating cards in their hand, on the table, or in another player’s hand. Each character features a unique goal tied to their motivations and can be scored when certain conditions are met. Or, perhaps they will be sacrificed to satisfy the goals of another…


Plan your actions well, and use the talents of the novel’s heroes and villains to help guide your favored characters to their fates!