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Black Hawk Down: Operation Gothic Serpent was a military operation in 1993 conducted by the US Special Forces during the Somali Civil War. The Operation objective was to arrest two of the faction leaders’ top advisors. Our brave US soldiers prepared for a quick 90-minute mission to fast-rope in, arrest the two advisors, and quickly get out. The mission was a success, as the two advisors were arrested. However, upon completion of this mission, the first Black Hawk Helicopter was shot out of the skies by an RPG. Shortly after, a 2nd Black Hawk was shot down by another RPG and what was supposed to be a 90-minute mission, turned into a 17-hour struggle.

This expansion shows how the men were not prepared for 17 hours of combat and the difficult situations they encountered in that time. This expansion will do its best to honor those who lost their lives in this Operation by representing them as Soldier cards, and including the Medals they earned.

This expansion offers 112 cards including:

  • 10 Player Soldiers
  • 6 Non-Player Soldiers
  • 4 Squad Soldiers
  • 13 Weapons
  • 6 Eqiupment
  • 4 Missions
  • 5 Objectives
  • 14 Locations
  • 12 Skills
  • 9 Medals
  • 29 Hostiles

—description from the publisher