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Wydawca: DVG

This expansion gives you Medals for: Israel, Germany, Mexico, UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, France, South Korea, Italy, and the US.

How Medals work: Your Soldiers are awarded Medals after a Mission by achieving the requirement specified for each Medal. You then peel-off a Medal sticker and apply it to the Soldier card. The Soldier keeps the Medal sticker, and its bonus, when you select them for future Missions. Each Medal has an RP value for Mission balance. Should the Soldier ever get Downed in a Mission, you remove all of their Medals.

This expansion offers 47 cards, along with a sticker sheet, including:

  • 14 Medals (US)
  • 3 Medals (Israel)
  • 4 Medals (Germany)
  • 3 Medals (Mexico)
  • 4 Medals (Italy)
  • 2 Medals (South Korea)
  • 2 Medals (France)
  • 3 Medals (Russia)
  • 4 Medals (Poland)
  • 3 Medals (Canada)
  • 3 Medals (Australia)
  • 2 Medals (UK)

—description from the publisher

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