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Guadalcanal. The Island of Death. Hungry, thirsty, poorly armed and in combat for the first time the brave soldiers of the 1st Marine Division endured day after day of horror and deprivation defending the Cactus Air Force flying out of Henderson Field. Fighting what became known as the key land battle of the Pacific War the marines beat back wave after wave of merciless attackers, their exploits drawing the attention of the world. Recreate the key battles of Alligator Creek and Edson's Ridge while scouting for enemy positions and hunting for Pistol Pete, the Japanese heavy artillery that shelled the Lunga Perimeter with impunity. Fight through historical locations such as the Matanikau River, Kokumbona Village and Koli Point. Command men such as William J. Whaling, the founder of the Scout-Sniper detachment that would eventually go on to become Marine Recon, and John Basilone, whose bravery defending Henderson Field saw him win the Medal of Honor. Meet Sir Jacob C. Vouza, the native who refused to give away American positions to his Japanese torturers despite being bayoneted numerous times and left to die, only to bite through his bindings and return to Marine lines quickly enough to warn them of the Japanese advance and win the Battle of the Tenaru.