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Flies swarm to the scabs...No strength to brush them away...Fall down and cannot move...How many times I've thought of suicide. - Sergeant Kashichi, Imperial Japanese Army. Drawn into a battle Japan did not expect or want, Guadalcanal blunted the expansion of the empire. Overly confident and initially dismissive of the fighting prowess of the USMC the bravery of each individual Japanese soldier could not compensate for gross misjudgments and poor planning among the senior officers. Recreate the drama, bloodshed and futility of the night assault over Alligator Creek and the desperate Banzai charges intended to pierce the Lunga Perimeter and reach Henderson Field. Fight for control of the Matanikau River and ambush unsuspecting marines in the deep, dangerous jungle of Guadalcanal. Fight through key locations such as the Maruyama Road, the Bowling Alley and Coffin Corner commanding the great warriors Masajiro Furimiya and Masao Tamura.