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Operation Tombola was a British SAS-led mission to carry out a series of harrassing raids behind enemy lines in the Reggio Emilia region, at the top of the Italian "boot". The operation was incepted by Major Roy Farrar, who was not allowed to go on the actual mission, although he was allowed to accompany his SAS soldiers on the aircraft as they were airdropped. During the jump, he "accidentally" fell out of the aircraft, although he happened to have a parachute on, and thus was able to lead his troops in the field. The attacks included an assault on the German Gebirgs (mountain corps) headquarters in an attempt to decapitate their regional high command. Notably, a Scottish bagpiper was part of the assaulting force, so that the friendlies could identify which side they were fighting on, as well as to confuse the Germans into thinking that a main Allied force was attacking rather than a raiding party.