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Incepted and formed just before the onset of World War II, the Italian Paratrooper Brigade "Folgore" saw extensive action throughout the Mediterranean basin, whether it was fighting in North Africa, reinforing the Aegean islands or defending mainland Italy, and establishing a formidable reputation for itself.

This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII Mediterranean game, including new Italian Airborne Soldiers, Missions, Landing Zone, Enemy Lines, Skills, Gear and Service Record Cards. This expansion offers 56 cards including:

5 Italian "Folgore" Airborne Player Soldiers
5 Italian "Folgore" Airborne Non-Player Soldiers
5 Italian "Folgore" Airborne Squad Soldiers
6 Airborne Missions
6 Landing Zone
12 Enemy Lines
5 Skills
3 Weapons
6 Gear
3 Service Record Cards