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As the nations continued the arms race leading up to World War II, even the Italian army had realized the need for armoured fighting vehicles in its inventory, and their national factories were ready to respond with numerous designs in the emerging requirements of modern armoured warfare. These included the Carro Armato M13 medium tank and its variants, the Carro Armato L6 light tank, the Semovente 47 self-propelled artillery, the Carro Veloce L3 tankette as well as various armoured cars.

This set adds 56 cards to your Warfighter WWII Mediterranean game, including new Italian Squad Vehicles, Anti-Vehicle Hostiles, Action, Driving and Skills cards. This expansion offers 56 cards including:

6 Action
3 Skills
7 Driving
1 Location Marker
16 Italian Squad Vehicles
23 Italian Anti-Vehicle Hostiles