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Wydawca: DVG

Warfighter is a fully solitaire or cooperative tactical card-based game system for one to six players, where you select and equip a squad of soldiers, and execute the mission by fighting your way to achieve the objective. It is available in Modern, WWII, and Fantasy eras, and each expansion set adds to the incredibly deep game play narrative with new cards for your Loadout.

Warfighter Vietnam is a stand-alone boxed games which depict the squad-level battles which occurred all throughout the country of Vietnam.

Warfighter Vietnam recreates the skirmishes challenging for control of the terrain in the countryside and rural villages. Between the VC and NVA you have a tough fight to clear Hostiles and earn Body Count. You may face fierce resistance from opposing Hostile forces, but watch out - the terrain itself can be your worst enemy. The Core game will contain at least 240+ cards (Soldiers, Hostiles, Mission, Objectives, Locations, Action, Gear, and Events), with d6 and d10 dice, counter sheets as well as a tactical board and the latest version of the Warfighter Universal Rulebook.

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