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Grand Tactical Series: Briefings Volume 1 is a magazine designed to support players of our Grand Tactical Series of games. It includes a selection of articles for players wanting to start playing the Grand Tactical Series as well as experienced players of the system. The first article provides players with a good introduction to GTS and additional articles provide tactical suggestions as well as play though examples to help all players.

In addition to the articles, GTS Briefings Volume 1 also includes the newest GTS game, Strike – Counter Strike, 4th Armored Division vs Panzer Lehr along the Saar. This single map GTS game is great for learning the system while also providing experienced players an intense, exciting fight with a small footprint. Everything needed to play this game is included in the magazine, except for the GTS Series Rules which (if you don’t already have them) can be downloaded from our website (see the link on page 43) and dice, which players will have to secure on their own.

 Grand Tactical Series: Briefings Volume 1 Contents:

  • One 60-page magazine
  • One 22” x 34” map sheet
  • Two and a half counter sheets (5/8” counters)
  • Two player aid cards

The GTS Series Rules are not included, they can be downloaded from our website. The GTS Strike-Counter Strike game uses 10-sided dice, which are not included.

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