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Welcome to the 5 century BC, to the splendor of the Poleis, city-states of the Greek culture that form the civilization´s cultural center during their time.


Culture and blood, glory and destruction coexist in this exciting and unique historical period, in which the ambition of Athens and Sparta lead them to a long struggle over hegemony.


Previous to this confrontation, the Greek Poleis find themselves under the threat of surrendering to the Persian power in the Persian Wars and losing their identity and autonomy. Facing together a possible extinction, a strong Panhellenic feeling emerged in several Poleis, that teamed up under the command of the two main Poleis, Athens and Sparta, and with an iron conviction to fight for survival, they managed to defeat such a powerful enemy.


However, after victory, both powers, with colliding views regarding government, army, economy, and many aspects of understanding society, even life itself, started to distrust the growing power that the opposite Polis accumulated, causing an expansionist and military race that eventually ended up in an epic clash between them.


Culture, arts and philosophy flourished in this period, known as the Classical Period, especially in Athens, hand in hand with Pericles. Nevertheless, the two most powerful Poleis, the now conflicting Athens and Sparta, confronted periodically over the Greek hegemony, a fight that lasted until the mutual destruction that the Second Peloponnesian War brought about, which although it ended with the surrender of Athens, it meant the definitive weakening of both powers.


Each player will play the role of Athens or Sparta, expanding their power, striving to make other Poleis to join their cause by means of diplomacy or force, administrating in a reasonable manner their growing Poleis League, knowing when to expand without depleting their resources, trading to obtain the scarce wheat, fighting against the enemy armies when necessary, and gaining prestige with your actions. Have fun!



·         1 board.

·         40 Event cards.

·         18 Polis cards.

·         14 Project cards.

·         24 Combat cards.

·         1 four sided die.

·         45 blue wooden cubes and 45 red wooden cubes.

·         5 black wooden cubes.

·         25 blue wooden discs and 25 red wooden discs.

·         8 blue wooden ships and 8 red wooden ships.

·         1 blue pawn and 1 red pawn.

·         2 individual boards.