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Wydawca: Vae Victis

Magazyn o historii militarnej i grach wojennych w języku francuskim wraz  z grą Las Navas de Tolosa 1212.


Ref : VAE062


The game is designed by Frédéric Bey and covers one of the battles of the Reconquista, Las Navas de Tolosa. It uses a refinement of the "Au fil de l'epee" system used in the games in issues 26 and 45.


This issue also includes errata counters for the previous issue's game (Ebre).


As with all Vae Victis games, the counters need to be cut out and mounted. The rules are entirely in French, although translations are available online:

Polskie tłumaczenie zasad i tabel systemu dostępne na Portalu Strategie:


Spis treści:


·         ANALYSE : Orient contre Occident, GMT, AtO, VV

·         Scénario DCK : Tempęte rouge

·         Analyse : Grand Illusion, GMT

·         Campagne+Scenario DBM : Terror Gallicus

·         ART DE LA GUERRE : Les blindés français

·         ENCART-JEU : Las Navas de Tolosa 1212

·         notre jeu complet avec regles, cartes et planche de pions

·         Ecole de guerre : Lart opératif

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