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Phalanx covers two of the major battles in the waning days of the Successor Wars, in which the Greek city-states and leagues and the descendants of the original Diadochoi were still fighting for Hellenic supremacy, and in which the phalanx -- the massive, heavy infantry formation brought to peak efficiency by Alexander -- was still in its heyday. The armies in these battles are very Macedonian in style, with a lot of mixing of unit types and capabilities, with the exception that, because of the terrain, reliance on cavalry is almost non-existent. The phalanx itself was still the army's anchor, although it was only a generation away from its initial comeuppance at the hands of a Roman army at Cynoscephalae.


Note: To play Phalanx, you need a copy of Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe Edition.


Uwaga: moduł zawarty już jest w najnowszej edycji The Great Battles of Alexander - Deluxe Edition. Ten reprint przeznaczony jest dla posiadaczy starszej wersji gry podstawowej.



·         140 full-color two-sided counters, including: 10 full-color two-sided double-size counters

·         Two 22x17" maps, one each for Mantinea and Sellasia (printed on one 22x34" sheet)

·         8-page Rule Book


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