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Vikings. The name conjures images of longships in the water; flashing swords; ruthless warriors without equal: a terror that stretched across the centuries and a thousand miles of raiding! Among the legendary warriors is Ragnar, the scourge of England and France and father to a host of renowned sons that would make rulers and kingdoms tremble for long years.


Vikings: The Board Game is a strategy game of exploration and raiding for 2-5 players based upon the hit History Channel series that allows players to embrace their inner Viking. Each winter players scheme to acquire appropriate resources while convincing heroes such as Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Rollo and Floki to support them as they put their longships in the water to raid each summer. Complete quests, plunder spoils and claim foreign resources across modular tiles as you forge your path to victory. It’s a different game each time you play!

The risk of failure is dangerous and bloody, but the rewards of victory are legion. Embrace your inner Viking and help build the Viking legend!



·         Rulebook

·         Calendar and Trade House board

·         5 Longship cards

·         20 player markers

·         Odin die (d6)

·         18 Hero cards

·         24 Seer cards

·         5 Reference cards

·         21 Sea tiles

·         51 Land tiles

·         Home tile

·         Village tile

·         186 Resource cubes

·         55 Gold coins

·         25 Runestones

·         10 Exploration tokens

·         20 Spoils tokens

·         50 Valhalla Point tokens