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Wydawca: RBM Studio

It was at Wakefield that Richard, Duke of York, met his doom. Richard was head of the Yorkist faction, and had begun the rebellion against King Henry VI that is now known as the War of the Roses. It isn't clear why he rode out that day against an army with numerical superiority, but the end result was calamity for the Yorkist contingent. About half the army perished, including Richard and the Earl of Salisbury (father of Warwick the kingmaker). Can you break the Lancastrian army before its reinforcements arrive or will you share Richard's fate?


The Battle of Wakefield is a new, fully self-contatined game in RBM Studio's C3i magazine #31, and is a part of GMT's Men of Iron series, specifically Blood & Roses (2014).


Game Scale:

Game Turn: Abstract

Hex: 75 yards / 68.5 meters

Units: Groups of soldiers (approx 250 per unit)


Game Inventory (C3i magazine version):

One 11 x 17" full color mapsheet

One dual-side printed countersheet (230 counters of multiple sizes - only 116 1/2" counters are for this game)

One 12-page Battle of Wakefield rules booklet

Three player aid sheets (1 single-side printed)


Players will have to furnish One 10-sided die for game play


Solitaire Playability: High

Complexity Level: Low

Players: 2 or more

Playing Time: 1-4 hours