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THE GAME:  It is 300 BC. Since being founded as a Republic in 509 BC Rome has grown in power and influence. Now it is your time…

You and up to 4 other players are one of Rome’s great leaders. Take control of legions and lead them across the known world for the next 600 years as you deal with uprisings, rebellions, political intrigue, and wars. Players can make alliances with one another (and true to Rome, break those alliances!) maneuver their forces and the enemies of Rome, all as they try to become the one true Caesar! All others are fed to the lions and their legacies lost to history…

Enemies of Rome is a fast playing (under 2 hours) for up to 5 players that is fast, fun, family friendly, strategic, and educational.

Players use the deck of cards to form their hands of 2 cards for each game turn.  The cards have historical events that allow you to move your legions to battle for your glory OR the enemies of Rome to battle the other players. The cards have historical events from the 600 year period in the game taking Rome from republic to empire. The 55 card deck is broken down into 3 historical periods and players start with deck I that is from 300 BC to 100 BC.  Deck II is from 100 BC to 100 AD.  Deck III is from 100 AD to 300 AD.

In battle the players roll a battle die for each legion (cube) present.  The legion player rolls the red roman battle dice, while the enemy of Rome units roll the green battle dice.

The player ending the game with the most glory points is Caesar. In the event of a tie between two or more players, the player with the most Legions on the board wins. All other players are fed to the lions in the Coliseum!



·       Large hard mounted game board

·       125 wooden cubes in 5 colors (25 for each legion player)

·       100 green wooden cubes (enemies of Rome)

·       Rules

·       Counter sheet

·       5 red roman battle dice

·       5 green enemies of Rome battle dice

·       55 card deck