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Wydawca: White Dog Games

Loyaulte Me Lie is an introductory, tactical-level board game for two players simulating the last significant battle of the War of the Roses fought between the houses of Lancaster and York. Playing pieces represent the "battles" of Henry Tudor, Richard the Third, Lord Stanley, and William Stanley. The game board uses map terrain of the historical site, recently discovered by battlefield archaeology.


  • 22" x 17" Game Board
  • 12-Page Rule Booklet
  • 150 Thick, Direct-Printed, Laser-cut Double-Sided Counters
  • 1 Player Reference Sheet


  • Designed by Michael W. Kennedy
  • Developed by Chris Hansen
  • Map Art by Tm Allen
  • Counter Drawings by Lionel Liron
  • Counter Designs by Tom Cundiff
  • Vassal Module by Art Bennett