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Wydawca: NAC Wargames

An epic clash between Christian and Muslim armies with a dynamic impulsebased game system that will delight even the most demanding strategists.

In 1212, Alfonso VIII decided that it was time to take revenge for his defeat at Alarcos a few years earlier at the hands of the Almohads. They had come to the Peninsula from the Maghreb imposing their rule and strict religious norms on the Andalusians with plans to expand Islam into the Christian-held territories. At that time, the Peninsula was divided into five Christian kingdoms: Castile, Leon, Aragon, Portugal, and Navarre. However, being bound by the same religion did not stop them from fighting amongst themselves, and by no means were they unified nor did they have the same interests. Alfonso VIII of Castile requested the bull of the crusade for his fight against the Almohads, which meant that if he could not get the other Christian kingdoms to participate, he could at least make sure he would not be attacked from behind as he advanced south. The Pope grants this endeavor the status of a crusade, which results in knights and kings from other kingdoms and places in Europe joining Alfonso’s campaign, in addition to his neighbors on the Peninsula.

Main charachteristics:

• Recreate this epic battle in less than 3 hours.
• The game cards allow players to alter the game rules in order to surprise their opponent and foil their plans.
• Each side has at their disposal a wide variety of units with special abilities that affect the course of the battle, along with a unique deck of cards that will ensure no two games are alike.
• Thanks to the game’s impulse-based system and the possibility to interrupt your opponent’s turn, both players will have a great time as the battle unfolds.
• The game’s design and illustration has been meticulously crafted with the idea of immersing players in a medieval-themed experience.
• Historical accuracy. Includes a scenario book that provides a detailed summary of the battle, how it unfolded, the aftermath, as well as an example of play.

Game Designer: Carlos Díaz

Illustration: Iván Cáceres, David Ferrer

Graphic Design: Iván Cáceres, Ric F. Lahera


  • 1 35.8” x 26” double sided game board,
  • 3 sheets with 290 game counters,
  • 1 rulebook and 1 scenario book,
  • 8 dice (2 12-sided, 4 six-sided, and 2 eight-sided),
  • 1 Fog of War screen to hide starting deployment,
  • 78 cards (Tactics and Strategy),
  • 1 Administrative Display,
  • 2 Ranged Attacks Tables/Player Aids,
  • 1 summary sheet.
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