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  • Mare Nostrum
  • Kings of Rome
  • ATO 56 à 59
  • Tanto Monta
  • Norman Conquest
  • Winter’s Victory
  • North Africa 41
  • Prime Minister
  • Banish All Their Fears


  • Pratzen
  • Arsuf
  • Sniper Elite
  • Undaunted Battle of Britain
  • Sekigahara 
  • Mr President
  • El Gran Capitan
  • Red Strike
  • Orsogna ASL


  • Des étudiants s’invitent au combat, Saison 2- nouvelle formule
  • Les jeux de rôles (quasi)historiques
  • Comment écrire une campagne


  • The Silver Bayonet : Canada
  • Les forces de l’Otan 1 (Canada, Pays-Bas, Anzac)
  • Paris Viking partie 3
  • Les Anglais en Afghanistan
  • Spectre


  • 7TV
  • The Silver Bayonet
  • 1814
  • Guerre civile anglaise
  • ASL
  • M44


  • Romanitas, 528-628, reconquest of the Eastern Roman Empire

WARGAME with die-cut counters: Romanitas528-628

Romanitas is a strategic solitaire game simulating the history of the Eastern Roman Empire from 528 to 628 AD.
A counter represents a character or a combat unit of approximately 4,000 cavalry, 10,000 infantrymen or two hundred ships, a game turn equals ten year.
In the role of the emperor, the player must strive to preserve the symbols of Romanity (the capital Constantinople, the power of the emperor, the imperial provinces), confront barbarian and Persian threats on the borders, and avoid collapse in the face of economic hazards or proverbial religious quarrels. Finally, in the distance, the lands of the West call you to reconquest, each time engaging your action a little more in an obsessive struggle against destiny.

  • Difficulty: 4 /10
  • Solitaire: 10 / 10
  • Duration: 3hours.
  • One turn: 10 years.
  • Units: 1 counter = 4000 horsemen or 10000 infantrymen
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