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Wydawca: Acies Edizioni

This game was designed by Enrico Acerbi. The subject is the Napoleonic battle of river Trebbia (june 1799).Wise Bayonet uses the same rules system of Masséna at Loano, integrated with rules needed to reflect the different battle terrain and tactical situation. Compared to the previous game is given much more emphasis to the cavalry and much less to the formation of tirailleurs (almost useless in the plain between rivers Tidone, Trebbia and Po).



1 turn: 1 hour

1 hex: 300 meters (about 328 yards)

1 strength point: 150-200 men for the cavalry,

      200-300 men for infantry,

      2-3 guns



  • one map 84x60 cm
  • 216 5/8” and 140 1/2” die-cut counters;
  • Three Player Aid Carts;
  • A rule booklet with scenarios and an historical background


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