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WHAT’S SARATOGA 1777: Saratoga 1777 is a war game about the American Revolutionary War campaign led by British General Burgoyne against the American colonist led by General Gates. It is a point to point movement war game using blocks with labels for the military units. The game uses the system from our previous games, New York 1776 and Trenton 1776.


Each turn both the American and British player will receive activation points with which to activate either groups of blocks moved by a leader, or individual blocks. When blocks of both sides end a move in a location together then a battle occurs.


The game has some excellent historical “chrome” mixed in with units for General Benedict Arnold (not only a leader but also rolls 4 dice in combat and is always active), the American Elite units of Warner, Dearborn, and Daniel Morgan with devastating firepower, using the river/lakes and river/lake roads to move more units, the Native American ability to hit and run, and British General Clinton’s approach from New York City toward Albany drawing off American forces.


There are lots of great strategic decisions for both sides in the game. Best of all it plays in 2 hours so you have time to play two games in an evening.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX FOR SARATOGA 1777: You get a beautiful hard mounted game board showing the area in upper New York, New Hampshire Grants (Vermont) and Massachusetts, over 70 blue and read wooden blocks, labels for those blocks, rules, battle board for fighting your tactical battles, and dice.