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Wydawca: Vae Victis (new)

La bataille de Tourcoing covers the battle fought on 28 et 29 floréal an II (17th and 18th may 1794) between a French army under the command of general Souham and an army of the Coalition under the command of the prince of Coburg.

La bataille de Tourcoing is the fifth game of the series "les soldats de la République" and is edited by VaeVictis.

The game includes an A2 map and 216 counters and markers.

It is possible to play this game with the standard rules (provided in the game) or with the simplified rules (already used for the game about the battle of Hondschoote - VaeVictis 146) that can be downloaded on the website of VaeVictis.

3 scenarios are proposed for this battle : one for the first day of battle, one for the second day and a third scenario that links the two days.

An additional scenario about the battle of Mouscron (10 floréal an II - 29th april 1794) is also provided.

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