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Wydawca: Decision Games

American Revolutionary battles of Bunker Hill, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth.

The game system simply but accurately recreates the battlefield conditions with a move-fight-rally play sequence to simulate the grand tactics of the American Revolution. Additional rules cover command control, morale, artillery, light infantry and dragoons. Each battle is represented by its own units and map along with exclusive rules to recreate the unique conditions of each battle. Units are generally regiments rated for combat strength, morale and march capabilities.

*Bunker Hill, 17 June 1775
*Brandywine, 11 September 1777
*Germantown, 4 October 1777
*Monmouth, 28 June 1778

*440 counters
*(2) 22" x 34" mapsheets
*2 player aid cards
*16-page rule book
*1 10-sided die