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Wysyłka w ciągu: sierpień/wrzesień 2022
Wydawca: Aegir Games
This bundle includes the following:
  • Metal Coins Add-on
75 metal coins in three denominations: 35 one ducat coins, 20 five ducat coins and 20 ten ducat coins.
The coins will have the value indicated on them, and have a design inspired by coins from 16th century Europe.
  • Extra Dice Set Add-on

An extra set of dice, including 12 battle dice (6 infantry dice, 3 cavalry dice, 3 artillery dice), 3 rebel dice and 1 exploration die.

  • Extra Bot Decks Add-on (3 bot decks)
Three additional Bot Decks (20 cards in each) for the possibility of adding more bots to solo and multiplayer games.
There are two bot decks in the game box, so this will allow you to play with up to five bots (the maximum).