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Parma 1734 (War of Polish Succession – Italy) is a two-player simulation of XVIII century warfare at tactical battalion level.
The system is called “Discipline & Command” and it’s based on two concepts:
– every unit has only a Discipline value that is used to fire and shock
– the army is organized in Wings with its own leaders; each Wing will activate in an order decided by the player.
It’s a not complex game with a battle scenario and a little introductory scenario for the vanguards’ fight near La Crocetta.

In the box you find (UNBOXING):
– 1 rulebook
– 1 game map, approx. 59×84 cm
– 6 scenario cards
– 2 player aids
– 3 countersheets
– 1 10-die


Enrico Acerbi




2-5 hours



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