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The Maria-de-Luxe-expansion includes:

* 20 plastic box lids for the generals
* 20 lables for the lids
* 120 wooden blocks
* 1 set of rules

The plastic box lids have the size of a flat matchbox. They come in different colours; dark blue for Prussia, red for France, etc.

The labels have a similar look as the labels of the generals.

The wooden blocks are 11 x 11 x 6 mm in size. They come in the following colours:

* 22 dark blue
* 28 white
* 26 red
* 14 grey
* 5 orange
* 5 dark green
* 20 nature wood
But what are the nature wood blocks for?

Quite simple: The coloured blocks represent the starting troops of a power. Should a power recruit beyond its starting strength, it will use the nature wood blocks. (As a reminder: In Maria there is no troops maximum.)
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