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The war of the Second Coalition on the italian front was becoming a nightmare for the French Republic.  Defeat after defeat (Cassano d’Adda, Trebbia) the exaustedFrench army was pushed away from the northern Italy by the vigorous offensive of the Austro-Russian army led by Suvorov. For this reasonthe Directorate decided to call another general, Barthelemy Joubert, at the head of the army. The Directorate ordered General Joubert to immediately attack Suvorov and to make every efforts to free Tortona. On the morning of August 15th the noise of the first shots of the battle of Novi begun to fill the air. Joubert rode to a little hill to better assess the situation. Few moments after his arrival, a bullet hit him in the chest, killing the young general almost instantly. An untimely death.

Each game box includes: 

  • One game-map, 
  • 2 sheets of counters and markers, 
  • 3 Player Aid Cards, 
  • a rule booklet, 
  • historical commentary.

The scale is 1 hour per turn, about 500 m. per hex,
Each strength point (SP) stands for  50-150 men for infantry
and cavalry (basing on their efficiency rating), and 3-5 guns.
Designer: Enrico Acerbi
Complexity: 3/5
Solitaire suitability: 4/5

—description from the publisher